Edmonton blog roundup: June 1, 2015

We were relocating perennials from a flowerbed on Saturday. Every time we thought we’d found all of the bulbs, we’d dig again, and voila, there were more. Digging into Edmonton’s blogosphere is like that. The more you look, the more you find, and it keeps being a pleasant surprise.


Andy Grabia has a delightful post on the first professional baseball game played in Edmonton. Judging from the press coverage and ads like the one above, it was quite the sensation. (Image borrowed from the post, found in the Peel’s Prairie Provinces collection). Andy is organizing a game on June 21. You should go!

Speaking of baseball, I found many doubleheaders of sorts this week:

Now for some miscellaneous singles:

So much muchness. Find even more on ShareEdmonton. Find me @karenunland, and you can dig into these and my past picks on Flipboard.

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