Edmonton blog roundup: May 25, 2015

This week has been the answer to that question sometimes uttered in the cold, dark days of winter: “Why do we live here?” It has been just so beautiful. Remember it.


Look at all the people who turned out for the season’s first What the Truck?! festival on Sunday. I was not among them, but I salute you, food truck aficionados! Judging from Cindy’s recap on Let’s Om Nom, it was amazing. We will have many more chances to get together in the sunshine in the coming months, as you can see on Mack Male’s annual guide to summer festivals and events. (Photo courtesy of What the Truck?!’s Twitter feed)

What else did I find this week? Various adventures, domestic and foreign:

How about some adventures in podcasting?

  • Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc have launched a comics and pop culture podcast called Yegs & Bacon.
  • Omar Mouallem chats with Jodine Chase about the fate of McDougall United Church on The Yards podcast.
  • Dan Tencer, formerly of CHED, now has his own podcast.
  • Robyn Engel Couture is co-hosting a new podcast about running.
  • Tema Frank’s latest customer experience podcast is an interesting conversation with an executive at Indigo.ca.
  • The Journal’s arts and culture writers have a new podcast called Dirt City Limits.
  • And I’m a big fan of the Journal’s Press Gallery podcast. This episode is missing usual host Sarah O’Donnell, who was busy winning a National Newspaper Award. Brava, Sarah!

I’m still interested in knowing if there’s a way to build a shareable playlist of local podcasts — let me know if there’s such a thing. I’m at @karenunland on Twitter, or email me at karen@unlandmedia.com.

You can find much more to read at ShareEdmonton. I also collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine.  

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