Edmonton blog roundup: March 16, 2015

OK, back to our regularly scheduled rounding up of blogs. I missed it!


YEG Coffee Week was a great success, judging by all of the buzz on social media. Bravo to Sarah Jackson for making it happen. You can find posts on it  on Beyond Umami on Cafe Bicyclette, Little Miss Andrea on Cafe Leva and The Adventures of a YEG Foodie on Lock Stock Coffee, among others. My own neighbourhood cafe, Cafe Rista, participated, too! (Photo stolen from Cafe Rista’s Instagram feed — forgive me, Simon.)

This turned out to be a week of deep feelings, often family-related:

What else?

  • Matt Henderson says it’s time for the Oilers to think about who their next captain is, and how he will be chosen.
  • Owen Brierley urges you to stop accepting your own excuses.

As always, you can find ever so much more on ShareEdmonton. Can’t find yours? Add it.

I collect my picks on Flipboard. And I can always be found on Twitter: @karenunland.

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