Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 29, 2014

What’s going on in Edmonton’s blogworld? More than I have room to say here, but let me try:

imageEdmonton’s first couple of blogging, Sharon Yeo of Only Here for the Food and Mack Male of Mastermaq, got married on Saturday! Honour them by reading every single thing they write — it’s all good. (Photo stolen from Twitter; normally I ask permission, but c’mon, they’re honeymooning.)

Mack and Sharon love to write about and organize community events around food, so here are some more food posts:

I’m pleased to say I know both Sharon and Mack, which I’m going to turn into an excuse to highlight posts about other people I know:

  • Mike Ross has a chat with Mark Meer, aka Commander Shepard, heading into the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo.
  • All of #irideYEG’s profiles are interesting, but this one caught my eye because it features my dentist, Dr. Joe Lizotte.
  • On The Noteworthy, Gillian Thomson talks to sustainable food champion Dustin Bajer.
  • Make Something Edmonton visits with Thomas Scott (whom I’ve met) and Kris Harvey (whom I haven’t) of Culture Collective.
  • Michelle Peters-Jones reveals what it was like to participate in the Dove Beautiful Age campaign

And Mack and Sharon care a lot about Edmonton. The city is just about all that ties the rest of these together:

I found most of these on Mack’s ShareEdmonton, where you can find much more to enjoy. If a blog you like or write isn’t there, hang tough — he’s a little busy right now. You can bug me about it @karenunland.

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If you like Flipboard, here’s a magazine of my picks, updated weekly.

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