Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 22, 2014

What treasures did I find in Edmonton’s blog pile this week? Well, let me tell you:imageSalena Kitteringham and Terah Jans launched a student-powered redesign of the Curious Arts blog, a behind-the-scenes peek at theatre, music, art and design at the University of Alberta. (Image from Salena’s post.)

Let’s start miscellaneously:

  • Natasha Chiam captures the feeling of surviving a crisis only to feel untethered after the emergency is over.
  • Leslie Chivers makes a passionate case for a Wolverine statue in Edmonton by way of a deep dive into our city’s place in the Marvel universe.
  • Twyla Campbell notes that Edmonton’s food scene is so amazing now that you can’t really get away with the sub-par experience she recently had.
  • Laura Frey reviews Angie Abdou’s new novel, Between, and provides a musical suggestion to go with it.
  • Nadine Riopel thinks twice about how best to get local apples into the supermarket.

Some history-related posts:

So much hockey bloggage heading into the preseason. Two I liked:

  • Lowetide nails the hope Oilers fans feel at this time of year, when “everybody’s Gretzky!” until the first game reminds us nobody is.
  • On OilersNation, Cory Schachtel reminds us that no matter how bad the Oilers have been, things have been way worse.

And some event-related posts:

I found most (but not all) of those in the blogs feed on Mack Male’s ShareEdmonton, where you can find much more great Edmonton reading. If your blog isn’t there, it’s because we don’t know about it, or because Mack hasn’t got to it yet, or because it’s not set up in a way that ShareEdmonton can pick up the feed. So if you’re wondering, just ask. I’m @karenunland or karen (at) unlandmedia.com.

Speaking of which, sign up for the new ShareEdmonton newsletter and help us experiment with some other ways to connect Edmonton.

If you like Flipboard, here’s a magazine of my picks, updated weekly.

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