Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 8, 2014

It would seem that a lot of people are back at it in September, as I found more Edmonton blog posts than ever to highlight this week:

imageLillian beautifully documented her colourful visit to the Green & Gold Community Garden on Beyond Umami. (Image by Lillian, used with permission.)

More on how and what we eat:

  • On Button Soup, Allan Suddaby ruminates about rhubarb.
  • Donloree Hoffman recommends a sane way to proceed in nutrition, in fitness and in life.

And that brings us to sports and recreation:

On the interesting people front:

  • The Noteworthy visits with the delightful and sharp Omar Mouallem.
  • Jay Runham chats with comic book artist Chip Zdarsky, who is coming to the Edmonton Expo (and, we learn, returning to his birthplace).
  • Justine Barber of Poppy Barley gave a great talk on designing a creative business at a recent PARK event.
  • Mack Male quizzes Global Edmonton news director Michael Fulmes on the station’s 40th anniversary.
  • Adam Rozenhart shares what he learned from VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August).

And, miscellaneously:

That’s not even everything I read and liked this week, but it’s a taste. Find tons more in the blogs feed on ShareEdmonton, and sign up for the new ShareEdmonton newsletter while you’re at it!

If you’re a Flipboard enthusiast, here’s a magazine of my picks.

What local blogs would you like more people to read? Comment, or send your favourites to @karenunland.

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