Edmonton blog roundup: Aug. 25, 2014

A couple of themes emerged again in my blog reading this week, along with the good old Miscellaneous:

imageI’m illustrating with one of my own photos this week, because I found a lot of parenting posts worth highlighting, and I have somehow raised this girl to think leather and crinolines are good gardening gear (win?). 

More from the parenting files:

Infill, another topic near to my heart, turned up a lot:

  • Mayor Don Iveson outlines where he stands on upcoming infill-related decisions, and acknowledges some of the challenges. 
  • Mack Male argues for the end of the kind of zoning that allows for single-family-home-only neighbourhoods. 
  • John Richardson argues against such a blanket approach, though he supports infill. (There’s a useful exchange in his comments, including thoughts from Coun. Michael Walters.) 
  • Elise Stolte crowdsources examples of and opinions on garage suites

And more miscellaneously:

  • At Gig City, Mike Ross examines what happens when Fringe artists review their reviewers.
  • Gillian Thomson looks back at her first few visits with noteworthy Edmontonians
  • At Oilers Nation, Jason Strudwick tells a good story about his brush with Gino Odjick
  • And the aforementioned Mack Male is marrying Sharon Yeo soon — Bruce Clarke shares some beautiful engagement photos

That’s not even everything I liked, but I’ve gone on long enough. You can find much more on ShareEdmonton.

If you’re a Flipboard enthusiast, here’s a magazine of my picks.

What local blogs would you like more people to read? Comment, or send your favourites to @karenunland.

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