Edmonton blog roundup: June 30, 2014

Behold some Edmonton blog posts I enjoyed this week:

imageThe Edmonton Arts Council blog had a few posts this week on new public art in our city: Willow by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY in Borden Park (pictured above), as well as France Dubois’s The Ballroom and Konstantin Dimpoulos’s Wheatfield with Crows, both at the Meadows Community Recreation Centre.

  • For the data nerds among us (guilty and proud of it):
    — Transforming Edmonton’s Alex Macdonald chats with David Rauch, a City of Edmonton business analyst who is passionate about using information “to connect planners with the people they serve." 
    — On Spacing Edmonton, Matt Dance explains the role open data plays in engaging citizens "so that we can use the same tools and information as policy makers to confirm or challenge their conclusions." 
    — And Mack Male writes about the new Edmonton Insight Community, an effort to collect opinions from Edmontonians on a wide variety of civic matters.
  • Glenn Kubish reflects on how he and fellow round-the-calendar cyclists found each other. And Donloree Hoffman learns a lesson from a hard slog up a hill on her bike. 
  • Jill Scheyk argues on the Kick Point blog that Canada’s new anti-spam law is actually a blessing in disguise. 
  • Robyn tries her hand at green onion cakes, the quintessential Edmonton dish. 
  • Sharon Yeo takes a look at the new Mother’s Market
  • Jay Runham ruminates on the effort he has to make to avoid spoilers
  • And Chad Huculak’s End of the Earth comic turns its gaze to Purple City.  

That’s a small sample of what has caught my eye in the past week. Find many more posts on ShareEdmonton.

If you’re a Flipboard enthusiast, here’s a magazine of my picks.

What local blogs would you like more people to read? Comment, or send your favourites to @karenunland.

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