Sponsorship opportunities

Seen and Heard in Edmonton offers several opportunities for you to get your message out:

The deluxe package on Seen and Heard in Edmonton

This gets you a week’s worth of exposure on Seen and Heard in Edmonton’s channels. It looks like this:

  • A 90- to 120-second interview-style ad that runs during the podcast;
  • A separate upload of the interview on SoundCloud so you can embed it on your own blog or link to it on your own social media channels;
  • A link, logo and call to action on each of Seen and Heard in Edmonton’s weekly posts:
    • On Monday’s podcast show notes on Monday;
    • On Tuesday’s blog roundup on Tuesday;
    • On Wednesday’s podcast roundup.
  • A link, logo and call to action in the newsletter to Seen and Heard in Edmonton subscribers;
  • Mention on Seen and Heard’s Twitter and Facebook.

You get all of this for an investment of $250 plus GST per week. I am also open to offering this product in exchange for the equivalent value in services or goods.

Outreach to the Seen and Heard community

If you’d like to reach out to Seen and Heard’s most engaged members directly, I have a couple of ways:

  • A classified ad in the Seen and Heard in Edmonton newsletter, advertising your goods or services;
  • An opportunity to provide a door prize at the monthly Edmonton Podcasting Meetup.

These can be done separately or together. The cost of the ad is $20 plus GST. The door prize is a straight-across donation in kind, for which I will promote you at the meetup, on the meetup page and on Twitter and Facebook.

Participation in the Seen and Heard Podcast Network

This is under construction, but here’s the essence: We’re putting together a network of Edmonton-based podcasts operating along similar lines to the Chicago Podcasting Cooperative. Participating sponsors will pay into a fund from which participating podcasts will be paid every time they read an ad from a sponsor. Here’s more on the vision.

Besides being acknowledged on a podcast that reaches the kind of people you want to reach, you will also be listed among the sponsors making the network possible, and you will be acknowledged on all of the network’s channels.

The investment for this will be announced once we gauge the interest from the podcasters themselves and get a sense of how many local businesses want to participate.

Interested? Contact Karen Unland

Ask me anything. I can be reached at karen@unlandmedia.com.