Edmonton podcast roundup: May 26, 2017

May 26 podcast roundup

This week’s podcast roundup is going to start with the long ones and progress to the short ones this time around, but first, a couple of places where I’ve talked about the Alberta Podcast Network. I had a chance to be on the What It Is podcast, along with Eva Foote and Mari Chartier. And I was on stage with Ben Yendall and Trina Shessel talking about podcast communities.
Ep 128: Good... But
Guests: Eva Foote & Karen Unland With #theatremari Songs perfromed by Eva Foote Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward Contains Coarse Language This is ep is totally good… but actually…
Episode 66: Cultivating a community
I had the great pleasure of talking to Ben Yendall of Tales from the Hydian Way and Trina Shessel from the Northern Nerdcast on stage at the Needle on May 12 during NorthwestFest’s…
You can hear more about the network at our next Edmonton Podcasting Meetup on May 28 at Variant Edition. OK, that’s enough of me. Let’s go to the movies.

More than 60 minutes: JP and Shawn have a hilarious conversation with Matt Alaeddine about two crazy films on The Movie Jerks ; the I Have Some Notes crew deconstructs and remakes Rogue One; and Matt and Erin discuss two Indian movies about motherhood with Lindsey Campbell on Bollywood is for Lovers.
Episode 239 - Peanut Butter Solution and Never Been Thawed
Matt Alaeddine requested The Movie Jerks watch 2 specific favorite films, Canada’s own “The Peanut Butter Solution” and the independent comedy “Never Been Thawed”. Joyously both films are…
Rogue One - S02E07
This month we’re wading into the rebellious waters of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A controversial pick, to be sure, a lot of you love this movie, but that doesn’t mean we can tighten the…
Episode 41 - On The Mom Squad: Kya Kehna! and English Vinglish...
To celebrate Mother’s Day, we welcome film scholar, musician, and former podcaster Lindsey Campbell on to discuss two films about different portrayals of mothers and motherhood in Hindi…
More than 60 minutes: On Trash, Art, and the Movies, Erin and Paul compare and contrast two movies about Texas made by musicians; the PhDs at Plot Device write a family movie about a dying accountant (!) before your very ears;  and on Loyal Company of the River Valley, Adam and Nate have a great chat with forward Jake Keegan.
Trash, Art, And The Movies : True Stories vs. The Devil’s Rejects
The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment-and then declares a victor.
Trash, Art, And The Movies : True Stories vs. The Devil`s Rejects
EPISODE FOURTEEN It’s fun for the whole family as Plot Device brings the SWAMP KIDS to the big screen for their first feature-length adventure! It’s an epic wrestle with tone as a dying…
Loyal Company of the River Valley Podcast: LCRV - Episode 104
This week we sound down for an long conversation with FCE Forward Jake Keegan. We talk about his career before FCE and what his last 18 months here have been like. We also ask him some…
45 to 60 minutes: On Hockey Feels, Steven and Rachel are really happy that the Nashville Predators are going the Stanley Cup finals; on Start the Music, Kat talks to a couple of musicians from the Ludovico Treatment; and on Write Reads, Kirt and Tania mark their 50th episode with a discussion of Brown by Kamal Al-Solaylee.
Hockey Feels - May 23, 2017
On this week’s Hockey Feels: Nashville beats Anaheim to advance to their first ever Stanley Cup Final! Team Sweden wins the IIHF World Championship! Rachel plays for charity in the Hockey…
Start the Music! 006 - The Ludvico Treatment
We’ve got catchy songs this week from Shinobi Ninja and Mr. Happy Chainsaw, and a 30 minute interview featuring Alex Kennard & Adam Veenendaal of the Ludvico Treatment. We talk shoegaze,…
Write Reads #50 Brown by Kamal Al-Solaylee
Sorry to have kept you waiting, Friends. Here, at long last, is our discussion of our non-fiction pick for our 50th PODCAST! Our streak of picking really good reads for this category…
45 to 60 minutes: German Villegas has a deep discussion about addiction and manhood with Allen Featherstone on the Modern Manhood podcast; on The Broadcast, Trisha and Alex share their LunchPods discussion with Scott Fralick about filling the news void with podcasts; and on Doctor Whooch, Brandon and Danica get tipsy and spacy on Doctor Who and other shows they like.
Episode 30: Allen Featherstone/ Out of the Darkness
Allen Featherstone has gone through his own journey of understanding how to be a proper man and human being. And it took him a long struggle with addictions, with hard drugs, then alcohol…
Mind the gap: How podcasts can fill a news void on women &...
In this episode, The Broadcast comes to you from the Needle Vinyl Tavern where Trish and Alex spoke at Northwestfest about why they started a podcast about women and politics. If you’re…
Doctor Whooch // Episode 113 // Nothing Bad Ever Happens In Space
In which Brandon forgets the word for “e-mail”. Hey buds. On this week’s show, Danica and Brandon are not cool with everyone being out in space again, and for good reason. Because… well,…
30 to 45 minutes: On Beginner’s Puck, Erika and Deb get over hockey heartbreak and find new loves, along with #oldhockey; on the Eskimo Empire Podcast, Andrew and Mike talk to announcer Al Stafford; and on MF Galaxy, Minister Faust talks improv and storytelling with Jacob Banigan.
Tale of Two Cities (Beginner`s Puck 9)
There were a few dark days when Erika was v. sad and Deb broke up with hockey, but we’ve rallied and are back to talk about the heartbreak of Round 2 and the miles that separate the…
Eskimo Empire Podcast: Episode 89 - Al Stafford
Alright Eskimo fans: ARE…. YOU…. READY!!! Andrew and Superfan Mike are both pumped for the start of Training Camp this coming Sunday and for the upcoming Westivus kickoff party on…
Jacob Banigan is one impressive cat. He knows more about how to build and refine stories than anyone I’ve ever met, and I know a lot of writers. And yet Banigan doesn’t see himself as a…
15 to 30 minutes: On That’s So Maven, Andrea Beça visits with Andrea Peyton of WeeHelp; on the Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast, Rev Recluse digs into the mailbag and plays a couple of old-timey records from Edmonton’s past; and on Clock Radio, hear an oral history of the big orange west-end campus as MacEwan prepares to say goodbye.
Episode 46: Andrea Peyton
This week, I shifted gears slightly and sat down for a conversation with Andrea Peyton, founder of WeeHelp Foundation. As you’ll hear on the episode itself, I’ve really come to realize…
Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast #23
This episode features listener emails and and a pair of unknown Vintage Edmonton songs, “Come With Me Katy” and “Klondike Days”.
Goodbye, old friend - MacEwan University
The Centre for the Arts and Communications. CFAC. Jasper Place Campus. The west-end building. The Great Pumpkin. The Big Block of Cheese. Call it what you will, but for more than three…
15 to 30 minutes: Learn more about Studio Theatre’s The Lady from the Sea on Talking Theatre (I’m going tonight!); hear wisdom from Michelle Devlin of Creating People Power on The Business Code Podcast; and on Press Start to Join, Josh and Alan overcome technical difficulties and welcome their first Patreon supporter.
Ep.12 - Michael Bradley
He was Episode 2, and now he’s back 10 episodes later to talk to us all about his new show, The Lady from the Sea which closes out the 2016/17 Timm’s Studio Season. Don’t miss it May 18-27!
The Business Code Podcast: Creating Respectful Workplaces
Michelle Devlin joins us to discuss how organizations can create healthy and respectful workplaces, and why strong leadership is crucial to creating change.
Press Start To Join
We are back from hiatus. Only to have technical difficulties ruin our first two recordings. Third times the charm! And a big thank you to Jen Tan, for being our first Patreon supporter! And…
Less than 15 minutes: The Capital City Records podcast shares a couple of recommended tracks from Carrie Day and Lyra Brown; and on Surgery 101, learn everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about flexor tenosynovitis.
Capital City Records Podcast: CCR Podcast | Carrie Day
This week’s episode features Carrie Day and her song “Every Single Second” as chosen by Beth Portman. Carrie is a classically trained pianist, who at 10 discovered music and went on to…
Capital City Records Podcast: CCR Podcast | Lyra Brown
This week’s podcast features Dan Lenz from the Needle Vinyl Tavern chatting about Lyra Brown’s song, “Charming Walls.” Lyra Brown is an Edmonton native who began learning piano and theory…
Flexor Tenosynovitis
Plastic Surgery In this episode, Dr. Paul Schembri, a plastic surgeon from the University of Alberta discussed Flexor Tenosynovitis. After listening to this episode, learners should be able…
Less than five minutes: And finally, a couple of announcements from Let’s Find Out and True North Strange and Weird:
Long Weekend Update
Two pieces of business: First, I’m looking for questions about an Edmonton neighbourhood. You might know that back in the day, I helped run walks and workshops in Old Strathcona about local…
Facebook Contest Announcement
Enter to win!!!! 1 of 3 limited edition TNSW Mugs. Contest open to all listeners. One entry per person. Contest closes June 23 2017 @ 23:59 http://www.facebook.com/truenorthstrangeandweird for…
As always, I can’t come close to listening to everything that’s out there. Find more in previous roundups, on the Northern Content Network, on Guerrilla Radio and on the Edmonton Nerd List‘s podcasts and streams page.
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