Edmonton blog roundup: Jan. 24, 2017

Jan. 24 blog roundup

This weather is something else, eh? My Instagram feed is so full of hoar-frost photos that my fingers get cold scrolling through. It seems that winter is on the minds of a lot of the bloggers, too, so let’s begin there with this roundup, before heading into projects, recipes, Q&As, media, culture, advice and politics.
Glenn Kubish has a moment on a bridge; Vintage Edmonton uncovers a timeless winter danger; Maria K at Simple Moodlings and Megan McKenna at With Love, Meg take walks in the snow; Christine Bruckmann at Just Another Edmonton Mommy and realtor Ryan Dutka find fun things to do in the winter; Rhonda Krause surveys some romantic winter getaways for Travel? Yes Please!; Chris at Edmonton Weather Nerdery tries to figure out when winter starts to end; and there’s Vintage Edmonton again, this time with tales of a 1963 cold snap.
Winter Passes By
I might be projecting a bit here, but I registered a glimmer of recognition in the glance and quick nod of the jogger as he came off the Groat Bridge this morning. I was pedalling onto the…
January 20, 1951
Winter-weather warning for all children was seen in the story of the rescue of a four-year-old Forest Heights girl whose tongue became locked by frost to an iron fence post.
A foggy winter walk
I’ve never seen fog this thick in our city during the month of January. We’re just back from a walk, and if anything, the fog seems thicker than when we left. It doesn’t usually stick…
Sunny Winter Days - With Love, Meg
The weather has warmed up, up, up this week! And you know what? I am ecstatic about this! I’m seriously addicted and I just can’t get enough! I love when the snow starts to melt and the…
6 activities that kids can experience at Ice on Whyte
Ticket buying tip: Visit the Old Strathcona website to get your 2 for 1 deal on regular admission tickets! Take a Sleigh Ride Shuttle to and from Ice on Whyte on the following dates &…
Four Ways to Shake the "Blahs" This Winter
Feeling the winter blues? Explore four family-friendly winter activities this winter in Edmonton with advice from Ryan Dutka’s Edmonton real estate team.
4 Romantic Winter Getaways in Alberta
Albertans love to complain about our long winters, but rather than dreading Canada’s coldest season, we think it’s the perfect time to have a romantic weekend away. Covered in a blanket…
Are we there (the middle of winter) yet?
Last summer I’d said that July 22 is basically the day that Edmonton’s temperatures turn around and start heading downhill towards winter. And last week the CBC posted a story – Winter is…
January 22, 1963
The coldest night of the winter rolled in on Edmonton last night. The overnight low was 27 below zero, five degrees colder than the previous low, 22 below on Jan. 10.
Projects: Chris Sikkenga and Danica Leblanc challenge you to do that thing you’ve always wanted to get done on Feb. 18; Therese Kehler has embarked on 100 days of cooking new recipes, using “kitchen castoffs” as often as possible; Cindy of Let’s Om Nom is going to make her way through Edmonton Cooks, the recipe book of Edmonton’s chefs.
What is Someday in Feb?
What is Someday in Feb?
I don’t know about you, but I think it is time I checked something off the someday list. I am declaring the 3rd Saturday in February as #Someday, the day when we set aside the chores and the expectations and do something we’ve been putting off
My 100-Day Project: Food for thought
2017 arrived with a major life change, best described as: “I don’t have a job.” In December, I took a voluntary buyout from the Edmonton Journal. With both Dan and I working in the…
Cooking Through Edmonton Cooks * LET'S OM NOM.
Oh hi there! My name is Cindy and I’m going to cook through Edmonton Cooks. The start of a new year means goals, goals, goals. I’m actually a goal setter at the start of nearly every day,…
What’s for breakfast? Karlynn Johnston of The Kitchen Magpie and Lyndsey of Over My Styled Body have some ideas. If you’re more in the mood for dinner, try Cassie’s salmon recipe at Mouth Half Full.
Maple Roasted Butternut Squash Goal Bowl - The Kitchen Magpie
This week’s Goal Bowl was all about one thing: Healthy comfort food for breakfast. It can be done, as witnessed by my favourite goal bowl so far, this one that was all about the maple…
2 Healthy & Easy Breakfast Cup Recipes - Over My Styled Body
I have to admit I’m not a big breakfast person, not because I don’t love it but mainly because I’m too lazy in the morning to make myself something to eat. Hey, just being honest!
Quick and Easy Lemon Ginger Salmon - Mouth Half Full
Healthy? Check. Easy? Check. Tasty? Check. This lemon ginger salmon takes only a few minutes to prep, less than 20 minutes to cook, and is oh so satisfying. If eating healthier or cooking…
Three very different but interesting Q&As crossed my transom: The Wanderer’s Chris Berger interviews paleontologist Scott Persons; Latitude 53 features a talk with artist Nadine Bariteau; and The Local Good’s Chris Gusen chats with urbanist Darren Proulx.
Teaching with Dinosaurs - An Interview with Scott Persons
Scott Persons is a man who has devoted his life to discovery, education, and public science outreach. A researcher and teacher already lauded for his contributions to the field of…
Processing Grief: Q & A with Au Revoir artist Nadine Bariteau
Processing Grief: Q & A with Au Revoir artist Nadine Bariteau
Nadine Bariteau is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto. Her installation Au Revoir is grounded in the process of grief over her mother’s sudden death in a car accident five years ago…
People of Green Drinks: Darren Proulx
Since we meet so many cool people at Green Drinks, we decided to start interviewing some of them. In this instalment, we talked to Darren Proulx, who was at our last event, Green Drinks:…
On the journalism front, Jeff Samsonow launches Edmonton Quotient; Mack Male updates our progress on Taproot Edmonton; and you can always get more media news from Mack’s weekly Media Monday.
Edmonton's New Media Outlet
I’m starting a new Edmonton magazine that will focus on local news, issues and discussions about our city. It’s called Edmonton Quotient (or, EQ for short) and I hope you’ll sign up…
Taproot Edmonton: An update to kickoff 2017 
Taproot Edmonton: An update to kickoff 2017
Happy New Year! Time for an update on where we’re at with Taproot Edmonton and our quest to build a sustainable future for local journalism in Edmonton and beyond. Photo by Ampersand Grey…
Media Monday Edmonton: Update #237 
Media Monday Edmonton: Update #237
Here’s my latest update on local media stuff: Jeff Samsonow has announced Edmonton Quotient, “a new Edmonton magazine that will focus on local news, issues and discussions about our…
Fancy some culture? The Edmonton Opera blog chats with one of the stars of the upcoming production of Cinderella; Devin R. Bruce offers his picks on the Variant Edition blog; and Liz Nicholls previews Disgraced, coming soon to the Citadel.
Caitlin Wood stars as the quirky Clorinda
Soprano Caitlin Wood has had a great couple of years, starring in operas across Canada and winning the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta’s 2016 Emerging Artist award. Now, she’s back in…
This Column Has Seven Days #108 // Tell Your Disappointment To...
Lately I’ve been feeling particularly grateful for this little corner of the internet, where I get to talk about things that I think are good, interesting, fun, and worthwhile. This week…
Combustible dinner conversation: Disgraced comes to the Citadel
By Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca “O my god! What’s he going to say next!?” It’s 2012 and Raoul Bhaneja and his actor wife Birgitte Solem are in New York watching an Off-Broadway audience…
There’s lots of good advice floating around in blogland. Ashley Janssen has a great post on practicing gratitude, in business and in life; Jill Scheyk outlines the differences between goals and objectives; Calissa at Lux Beauty Boutique shares what solo travel taught her; Sheldon Johnston shares tips on buying a home with your parents; Diana at 204 Park teaches you how to purge your closet; and Sarah Meier outlines the benefits of a fit pregnancy on the Blitz Conditioning blog.
Practicing Gratitude: Looking Back at 2016 to Look Forward to...
Over the last few weeks, I have spent at least 10 hours writing and re-writing a 2016 year-in-review/reflection post. My husband and trusted editor, Dana, keeps sending them back. I just…
What Really Happens When You Stop Setting Goals (And Get an...
Every year on New Year’s Day, we swear to our friends and ourselves we’re going to lose weight, stop smoking, spend less time on our phones, reconnect with our spouses, and make our first…
What Solo Travel Taught Me
Posted: Jan 18 2017 | Author: Calissa R “To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.” Elizabeth Gilbert’s words echoed in my mind during the late nights at the office or when I held off on…
Buying a Home With Help From Your Parents
Over the years I’ve been involved in hundreds of sales where parents were helping their kids buy a property, and I’ve seen that “help” come in…
Tips to Purge Your Closet
Early in the new year seems to be the time when everyone puts their goals or resolutions into action. We all try to eat healthier, exercise more, maybe spend more time reading or…
Benefits of a Fit Pregnancy | Blitz Conditioning
A year ago I was pregnant with my first child. During those 9 months, I can attest first hand to the many benefits of exercising while pregnant. Thanks to exercise: I had very little…
On the political front, Graham at Almost Infinite thinks about what it means to have a president who doesn’t play by the rules; Natasha Chiam of The Stay-at-Home Feminist reflects on what solidarity really looks like in the wake of the Women’s Marches; and Michael Janz weighs in on Alberta’s redrawing of the electoral map.
Hail To The Chief
When I started this blog I knew I wanted to write about things that can be framed as “games” even though they’re not the recreational pastimes we usually think of when we hear that word….
Where have I been before today? Reflections on the #WomensMarch.
“where have you been? Where have y’all been? Why is this your first protest? I cannot put into words how heartbreaking it is to see grown adults that I know and love decide only now to…
All votes for MLA deserve an equal weight
One vote should have the same weight wherever you are in Alberta. And whether you are 15,000 voters in South Edmonton or Central Alberta, your votes should count towards electing the same…
That’s what I could get to this time around. There is, of course, so much more to be found on ShareEdmonton and in previous blog roundups. I keep these in a Flipboard magazine, too.

This week’s roundups and podcast are brought to you by Taproot Edmonton, a source of curiosity-driven stories about the city, cultivated by the community.

Listen to this interview to hear how the recent stories about pedestrian deaths on the road came about, and learn how you can help more local stories come to light.
Learn more at taprootedmonton.ca.
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