Edmonton podcast roundup: Jan. 11, 2017


Jan. 11 podcast roundup
It’s good to be back to drawing your attention to some local podcasts. This selection represents things I’ve listened to over the past month or so, and some of these podcasts have published more episodes since these ones — it’s hard to keep up!
Less than 15 minutes: Shawn Kanungo and Wang Yip discuss the Spanx origin story on The Dip; Michael Short examines the debate over Canada’s national bird; and the fellas at Radio Free Skaro did 24 mini-episodes heading into Christmas answering listener questions about Doctor Who.
The Dip - Season 2 Episode 14 - Sara Blakely and how she built...
Imagine that you have a fantastic idea for a product. You make it, test it out and it works for you and your close friends and family. You decide to go to a big retail store and try to get…
LGO - Episode 8
Not unlike the recent elections held in the the United States this past year, the selection of Canada’s new national bird has sparked some debate. Canada’s National Geographic Society is…
Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro
Advent Calendar, Fluid Links, Radio Free Skaro
15 to 30 minutes: The Edmonton Community Foundation’s Well Endowed Podcast examines what Canada’s 150th anniversary will bring; Ryan Holtz predicts marketing trends for 2017; and I talk to Haley Radke and Wang Yip about finding your podcasting niche on the Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast.
Episode 4 - Sesquicentennial - The Well Endowed Podcast
Happy New Year! 2017 marks Canada’s sesquicentennial, our 150th anniversary of confederation. It’s going to be a year of celebration, and we are looking forward to sharing some amazing…
Auto Dealer Marketer
In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show I talk about protein shakes for your mind, 2017 automotive marketing predictions and Unilever CMO Keith Weed. Since 2016 has left us, and 2017 is…
Episode 57: Meetup on finding your niche
We kick off 2017 with the audio from our November meetup with Haley Radke of Adoptees On and Wang Yip of The Dip on how to find your niche. In a way, these two podcasts couldn’t be more…
30 to 45 minutes: On That’s So Maven, Lauren Dary and Andrea Beça talk to musician Lindsey Walker about her kind of entrepreneurship; Minister Faust remembers Carrie Fisher with various writers on MF Galaxy; Tema Frank discusses customer service and the government on Frank Reactions.
Episode 28: Lindsey Walker
Happy New Year, Everyone! And a very warm welcome into 2017! This week, we sat down with local musician Lindsey Walker, who is devoting her year to a major project with a new album release,…
Two words known by hundreds of millions: “Princess Leia.” That’s the legacy of the collaboration among Carrie Fisher, George Lucas, and hundreds of other filmmakers who worked on the…
Does The Government Really Care About Your Opinions? -
It’s so easy to bash government service departments, especially when you’ve spent an hour in a lineup only to be told you are missing something and have to start all over. Or you are…
45 to 60 minutes: On What It Is, Taylor Chadwick interviews artists involved in two shows: Star Killing Machine from Broken Toys, and Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes from Cardiac Theatre; on Modern Manhood, German Villegas talks about masculinity with Coun. Scott McKeen; and on Let’s Find Out, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips gets to the bottom of the case of the transported apartment.
Ep 122: New Year, More Theatre
Guests: Clinton Carew and Bradley Doré & Harley Morison With Chris W. Cook Hosted by Taylor Chadwick Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward Contains some coarse language The crew is…
Episode 20: Scott McKeen/Why do Men try so Hard?
This podcast started in April of 2016, and today will mark its 20th episode. The man you will hear today, the 19th man on this show, is the unique counselor for downtown Edmonton, the…
Episode 6: The Great Apartment Caper
This episode: The Great Apartment Caper. Pamela Learmond asks me to help her verify whether her grandpa Mike Ewasiw really had an entire apartment building moved down 97 Street. Seriously,…
More 45 to 60 minutes: The Movie Jerks talk to comic JR Brow about a bad movie he was in; the crew at Plot Device make up a surprisingly good movie treatment based on Jenga; and Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx wonder whether the news is actually worth paying attention to on 30 Minute Week.
The Movie Jerks
When talking about a film, “Sure Shot Dombrowski” that is almost 99% Albertan, we luckily get to talk to the 1 % that’s not Albertan. JR Brow joins us to talk about a film that Albertans…
JENGA: THE MOVIE by Plot Device
EPISODE THREE: Plot Device is back with an inspiring, wacky story about an architect who must build the world’s tallest wooden tower-even when he runs out of material! It’s JENGA: THE…
Jan 6, 2017
Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx take nonsense out of the news and put nonsense into the news.
Even more 45 to 60 minutes: Rachelle Saunders explores the issues around indigenous genetic research with Kim TallBear and Keolu Fox on Science for the People; Montreal Sauce concludes its interesting discussion about art with Adriean Koleric; and Kirt and Tania look back at the year in books on Write Reads.
#403 - Indigenous DNA: Science for the People
This week we take a closer look at the intersection of genetics, politics, identity, and hundreds of years of colonization. We speak with Kim TallBear, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous…
Taco Skate Co. vs. Sting's Pan Flutes - Montreal Sauce
Another hour with Adriean Koleric on street art, collage, podcasting from a VW and being a Detroit Pistons fan in Western Canada. A healty dose of sauce for your taste in movies and tech.
Write Reads #46 The Year In Review
Hello, Dear Friends! Our deepest apologies to those of you who were expecting a podcast about Experimental Film. Sadly, it proved too difficult to obtain in our city of champions. If you…
More than 60 minutes: Tyler Butler and Linda Hoang talk politics and social media with Dave Cournoyer on Don’t Call Me a Guru; the Highlevel Showdown examines the presidency of Barack Obama with guest Sharon Mvundura, and Allen Featherstone discusses what it means to be a man with the aforementioned German Villegas of the Modern Manhood Podcast.
Episode 3: Politics and Social Media
In Episode 3 of Don’t Call Me a Guru, we talk year-end social media highlights and look forward to what social media trends or features might become more commonplace in 2017. We also chat…
Episode #66 - Obama in the Oval Office
Michael and Elliott welcome everyone back after the holiday break to discuss the legacy and significance of Barack Obama’s presidency. Joined by special guest Sharon Mvundura, listen as…
The Featherstone: The Featherstone Ep. 012 "Modern Manhood"...
Welcome to the show!! I sat down with German Villegas of The Modern Manhood podcast to discuss what it means to be a man in the 21st century. We are faced with a constant dichotomy as men…
As always, that’s just the tip of the local podcast iceberg, so look for more on the podcast network page, in previous podcast roundups, on Guerrilla Radio, on the Edmonton Nerd List and on the Northern Content Network.

You can also meet some local podcasters in real life if you come to our next Edmonton Podcasting Meetup on Jan. 29 at 1 pm at Variant Edition. The topic is “Podcast length: Keep it tight or let it run?” and it will feature of debate of sorts between Adam Rozenhart of The Expats and Taylor Chadwick of What It Is. Register here!

Everything on Seen and Heard in Edmonton this week is brought to you by Castria, where award-winning podcasters help you take your podcast from idea to reality.

Hear Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky talk about what they can do for you in this interview. If you’d like them to help you, visit wearecastria.com.
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