Edmonton podcast roundup: Nov. 9, 2016

Edmonton podcast roundup: Nov. 9, 2016

Well, if we thought we needed distraction yesterday, we are doubly in need today. I’ll do what I can.
Less than 15 minutes: On Pet Sounds, Sarah Hoyles looks at how to prepare kids to take care of pets; Don Hill explores theatre in Edmonton on the Edmonton City as Museum podcast; and Capital City Records offers up a couple of recommendations from local politicians.
Episode 21 / Start 'Em Young
Episode 21 / Start ‘Em Young
Learning how to take care of a pet isn’t always taught or taught well – Erica Callais Falbaum hopes to change that with her Pet Education Project (PEP). We find out why programs like PEP…
Episode 12 - Edmonton Theatre by ECAMP
Professional theatre in Edmonton? Many thought it impossible. And a Fringe Festival in the early 1980s? Brian Paisley tells the story how he lucked out with government money and chutzpah….
Capital City Records Podcast: Coun. Scott McKeen on Shout Out Out Out Out
Capital City Records Podcast: Coun. Scott McKeen on Shout Out Out Out Out
Ever since the Edmonton electro-indie outfit Shout Out Out Out Out invited Edmonton Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen on stage at the Legislature grounds, the fervent local music supporter has…
Capital City Records Podcast: MLA David Shepherd on Electricity for Everybody
Capital City Records Podcast: MLA David Shepherd on Electricity for Everybody
The Col du Tourmalet is the highest paved mountain pass in the Pyrénées mountain range. It’s challenged Tour de France riders for over 100 years and, not coincidentally, lends its name…
15 to 30 minutes: Tyler Butler and Linda Hoang launch their new social-media podcast, Don’t Call Me a Guru; Monetizing Your Creativity explores how Kelly Wolfert is crowdfunding his film about SpiderMable; Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winder release a special episode of Hacked on how to cheat an election; The Nerdebrates talk to Mary Madness about tattoos and such; Vintage Edmonton unearths a 1970s concert band; and That’s So Maven talks entrepreneurship with boutique owner Nicole Rice and artist/author/photographer Alexis Marie Chute.
Episode 1: The Beginning
Welcome to Don’t Call Me a Guru! Two friends who spend a lot of time on and thinking about social media decided they wanted to get together to record a social media podcast. This is it! We…
Monetizing Your Creativity: 103 Kelly Wolfert (SpiderMable The Film) 
Monetizing Your Creativity: 103 Kelly Wolfert (SpiderMable The Film)
Want a case study in crowdfunding for creative projects? You’ve come to the right place! Producer Kelly Wolfert of Leven Creative describes SpiderMable The Film, a full length feature…
Special: Hacking an Election | Hacked

Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winder explore the idea of hacking an election.

Issue 5 marks our very first community builder issue! Mary Madness from Shades of Grey Tattoos makes her first appearance in this uncanny issue. Comics, tattoos, art, and lunch boxes filled…
Vintage Edmonton Music Podcast #17
This episode features the late 1970ish LP from The Cosmopolitan Club Concert Band Of Edmonton.
That's So Maven: Episode 20: Alexis Marie Chute
That’s So Maven: Episode 20: Alexis Marie Chute
This week, we sat down with artist and writer Alexis Marie Chute, who has recently branched out to make a documentary, Expecting Sunshine, to be released early next year in partnership with…
That's So Maven: Episode 21: Nicole Rice
That’s So Maven: Episode 21: Nicole Rice
This week, we sat down with Nicole Rice, owner of Sweet {Jolie}, which she has grown from simple jewelry shop to full fashion one-stop-online-shop in just five years. Her curated selection…
30 to 45 minutes: OilersNation launches a new podcast with hosts Jason Gregor, Jason Strudwick and the inimitable Wanye Gretz; Adam Rozenhart talks to an American expat in Toronto who seeks to understand Canada; Chris Chang-Yen Phillips tries to answer Rebecca Jade’s question about putting up a plaque where the KKK used to publish in Edmonton; the Well-Endowed Podcast explores newcomers’ health, Canada 150 and Emmy Stuebing’s generosity; Kendyl Lauzon tells That’s So Maven what it’s like to be an illustrator; and For Kicks previews the under-20 Women’s World Cup.
Presented by Finning Canada: Real Life - Wanye Speaks
Presented by Finning Canada: Real Life – Wanye Speaks
Jason Gregor November 02 2016 12:00PM We have a new podcast at the Nation called Real Life. Myself, Jason Strudwick and Nation co-founder Wanye Gretz will be a part of it. Struds and I…
Episode 30: An American Expat in Toronto
Kevin Bracken, the creator of What’s Different in Canada, knows quite a bit about the differences between the Great White North and the Home of the Brave. He’s been a passionate student…
Let's Find Out: Episode 4 - The Klan Query
Let’s Find Out: Episode 4 – The Klan Query
This episode: The Klan Query. Rebecca Jade asks whether we can put a plaque where the Ku Klux Klan used to publish their newspaper in Edmonton – The Liberator. Along the way we learn about…
Episode 2 - Paddling Towards Canada 150 - The Well Endowed...
In this month’s episode, Dr. Bukola Salami shares her research about the health of New Comers to Canada. We listen in as the Edmonton and Area Land Trust rescue several native Albertan…
That's So Maven: Episode 22: Kendyl Lauzon
That’s So Maven: Episode 22: Kendyl Lauzon
This week, we sat down with artist and illustrator extraordinaire, Kendyl Lauzon, whose business, Breakfast Jones, is named after her adorable dog (see below). Listen to our chat here: You…
For Kicks Podcast, Episode 18: CANW20 World Cup Preview, CANWNT...
The 2016 FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup will take place from November 13 to December 3 in Papua New Guinea and we’ll have the information you need the whole way through. In this episode we:…
45 to 60 minutes: Witch, Please looks into the trailers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:  Bollywood is for Lovers looks at a couple of horror movies; the guys at Bottom Shelf learn about music therapy from Tiffany Sparrow; the Nerdcast visits with James Ross of The Debutantes; Jason Gregor pops up again, this time on Downtown Hockey; Montreal Sauce checks in with Brandon and Danica of Variant Edition; and my own Seen and Heard in Edmonton has audio from the meetup on how to start a podcast.
Witch, Please: Episode 18.5: Fabulous Trailers and Their Locations
Witch, Please: Episode 18.5: Fabulous Trailers and Their Locations
Welcome to the future, witches! In this episode, Marcelle and Neale tackle the trailers for the first (of FIVE?!?!) movie in the Fabulous Beasts and Their Locations Fantastic Beasts and…
Episode 29 - Bollywood's Scream Queen, Bipasha Basu
To get us in the Halloween spirit, we look at two horror films starring Bollywood’s reigning scream queen Bipasha Basu.Show Notes:We are now available on Indian iTunesThanks to Tilottama…
Episode 38 - Pre Conceived Sparrow
In this episode, we’re joined by singer/songwriter, world traveller, and music therapist, Tiffany Sparrow. She breaks down our pre conceived notions of what music therapy is, and just…
Nerdcast ep.58 The Debutantes
Join Dan and Chelsea as they talk this week with The Debutantes. The Debutantes are a local sketch comedy group. for more information check out their website @ https://thedebutantes.ca/…
Episode 28 by Downtown Hockey
Sean and Nick sit down with Jason Gregor from Oilersnation and TSN 1260. We talk about Gregor’s involvement in charities, his life, and of course we throw in some Oilers. We also find out…
Riffing On Bakula - Montreal Sauce
Another fun one, this episode the gents are talking to the owners of Variant Edition a comic shop in Edmonton. Brandon & Danica also do a number of podcasts as well.
Episode 53: Meetup on how to get started
This week’s podcast features the audio from our meetup on how to start a podcast, which we recorded way back in September. This was a departure from our usual format. We had veteran…
More than 60 minutes: Ryan Holtz talks social media dos and don’ts with Beverley Theresa; Dave Jamieson tells war stories and addresses the name debate with the Eskimo Empire Podcast; Laura Frey joins the Write Reads crew to discuss Zoe Whittall’s Giller-nominated book; Trash, Art and the Movies compares two movies about people getting too close to wild animals; I Have Some Notes is back with suggestions for fixing I Know What You Did Last Summer; What It Is talks to the Good Women Dance Collective, and performs a play with them!; and Cups n Cakes visits with Chris Page and plays some good music.
Auto Dealer Marketer
In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I interview Beverley Theresa. Beverley is a sassy and unconventional social media strategist who literally is everywhere online and truly loves…
Eskimo Empire Podcast: Episode 67 - Dave Jamieson
You are in for a treat today! Andrew, UT and Superfan Mike welcome former Eskimos Communications/PR/Marketing Director (1998-2011) Dave Jamieson (@jamieson1260) into the Turf District….
Write Reads #45 The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall
Welcome to the 45th Write Reads podcast! As all of our ardent fans know, November is now Write Reading in Bed Month. Laura from Reading in Bed once again joins us to discuss Zoe Whittall’s…
Trash, Art, And The Movies : TAATM #204: Grizzly Man vs. Roar
The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment-and then declares a victor.
I Have Some Notes: I Know What You Did Last Summer - S02E01
I Have Some Notes: I Know What You Did Last Summer – S02E01
The first full episode of Season 2 also happens to be our Halloween Spooktacular, in that we half-heartly picked a mediocre 90s slasher flick to fix. Ah the nineties, when NBC ruled the…
What It Is: Ep 118: Smoke Bombs!
What It Is: Ep 118: Smoke Bombs!
Guests: Alison Kause, Ainsley Hillyard & Kate Stashko With: Kurt Ballderson & #theatremari Hosted by Taylor Chadwick Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward Contains Coarse Language It’s…
Episode 070 - Chris Page Interview
Ottawa’s Chris Page was in town for a gig and stopped by the Cups N Cakes studio to have a chat with Marvin. He discusses his many projects and takes on the rapid-fire questions. With…

If you need more, you can find it on the Podcast Network page, in previous podcast roundups, on the Northern Content Network, on the Edmonton Nerd List, and on Guerrilla Radio.

The next Edmonton Podcasting Meetup will be on Nov. 19 at 1 pm at Variant Edition. It will be on the topic of finding your niche. RSVP here!


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