Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 6, 2016

You’ll find lots of reflections in this blog roundup. I took this mirror image at the lake at Bear Valley Highlands in the interior of British Columbia, where we had a late August vacation.

Well, here we are again. It was grand to have some time away, but it’s also good to be back and soaking up all of this interesting stuff people have been writing. So let’s begin with various summer adventures, before looking ahead, looking back, and learning lots along the way.

  • Julie takes her kitchen adventures to Europe. Here’s her beautiful and beefy post on Florence, Italy.
  • Speaking of beautiful and delicious, check out Phil Wilson’s post from his travels with his wife Robyn in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
  • Amanda Lao had a gorgeous time in Iceland.
  • Linda Hoang packs a lot of adventure into one and a half days in Jasper.
  • Amy at Passports and Pigtails rounds up the results of a summer-long staycation in Edmonton.
  • The Tech Geek Gamers took a trip right in their own living room with the HTC Vive virtual reality game, which you can watch them play. I particularly enjoyed the Job Simulator, and you can navigate to the rest of the videos from there.

Looking ahead


  • Was August in Edmonton really that bad, weather-wise? Pretty average, actually, says Chris at Edmonton Weather Nerdery.
  • Mack Male takes a look at the results of the municipal census.
  • On The Quad, sculptor Stewart Steinhauer discusses his work, Sweetgrass Bear, recently unveiled on the University of Alberta campus.
  • John Richardson is frustrated by the city weed inspection system and its apparent targeting of a neighbour with a natural yard.
  • Maria K’s husband Lee explains what it took to convert their house to solar energy, and what the benefits have been.
  • Wandering hippies attract young girls” is a headline I could not pass up. A little glimpse at a 1967 moral panic from Vintage Edmonton.
  • Andrea Tarnawsky dives into the sheet-music collections of some prominent women in the City of Edmonton archives and comes up with treasure.
  • Emil Tiedemann launches his 101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton book, which you can get through his Indiegogo campaign.

Food, glorious food

  • Allan Suddaby makes a case for candy apples you can enjoy without unhinging your jaw or pulling out your teeth.
  • Jacquie Lycka’s breakfast sandwiches look a lot more appetizing than the fast-food variety.
  • Debra at She Who Seeks salutes Alexis Hillyard’s Stump Kitchen. (By the way, the latest episode with Rosie and the banana boats might make you die of cuteness.)
  • A little bit of candy cake goes well with Cathy Walsh’s bout of nostalgia.
  • Always a treat to catch up on the food news with Sharon Yeo.
  • Elyse Chatterton tries out the Chef’s Plate meal kit service.

Business news

  • Busy times at Variant Edition — Danica LeBlanc and Brandon Schatz have moved their store westward, with the help of their supportive community. More on that from Danica here.
  • Chris Tse takes over full ownership of Blitz Conditioning and reflects on how change is a constant in business.
  • Speaking of Blitz, did you know you can exercise there with your baby? Sarah Meier has the details.
  • Diana Tidswell of 204 Park talks business with Carina Ludgate and Ally McIlwraith of Park Avenue Communications.

In fashion

  • Nicole Rowan and Adina J had a thrift-off at the new Value Village in Spruce Grove. Here’s Nicole’s report on The Spirited Thrifter, and here’s Adina’s on Blue Collar Red Lipstick.
  • The costumes for Edmonton Opera’s upcoming production of Cinderella look amazing.
  • Hannah of Honey and Betts lists her favourite Edmonton fashion bloggers.

Tips and tricks

Life lessons

  • “Life can not be measured by WHAT you have. If it has to be measured at all, it must be by HOW you live,” writes Natasha Chiam, as she sets about renovating her new home.
  • Valerie Lugonja has a generation-spanning musical moment with her grandson.
  • Lindsey McNeill reflects on the importance of stepping into the arena, and what you gain even when you lose.
  • Donloree Hoffman finds herself on a boat, and learns to be in charge of her own capsize.

OK, that was a hefty one, but I can’t help it. You can find even more at ShareEdmonton. You can also find these picks and previous ones on my Flipboard magazine and in past roundups.

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