Edmonton blog roundup: July 12, 2016

Screen cap from 52Skillz
Now here’s a recipe for something wonderful: Alexis Hillyard of Stump Kitchen cooks with Stephen Robinson of 52Skillz. (Screen capture from video at 52Skillz.com)

Food inspires so many interesting blog posts in this city, whether people are cooking at home or eating out. It’s enough to make a round-upper very hungry if she’s not careful. Let’s begin with the noshing:

  • Stephen Robinson from 52Skillz gets together with Alexis Hillyard of Stump Kitchen to learn how to make vegan, gluten-free tomato aspic.
  • The thing to do is to get invited to Rachael’s family brunch, as you can see on Breakfast Club YEG.
  • Relish’s time on 124th Street is over, reports Phil Wilson.
  • Phil also compares prices at the new Duchess Provisions with Safeway’s, and finds the local independent surprisingly economical
  • Always a good idea to stop for a treat at Duchess Bake Shop, as Dani Hubenig attests on Family Fun Edmonton.
  • What does Lindsay from The Edible Woman do on her Saturday off from Duchess? Bake a red currant and cherry pie!
  • Kevin Schenk chronicles a day in the life of the Kim Fat Market’s butcher shop.
  • Evonne Li tries out Wendy’s Gourmet Perogies.


  • Christine Bruckmann has tips for saving money on groceries.
  • Sally Neal goes a little over on her very tight food budget, but for good reasons.
  • Katie Kelly sets some goals for the next quarter after reviewing previous results on Frugal Can Be Fab.
  • Nicole Rowan of The Spirited Thrifter and Adina J of Blue Collar, Red Lipstick did a thrifting exchange.


Arts and entertainment

Sports and recreation

  • Avry Lewis-McDougall is excited about the prospects of Canadian athletes in Rio after watching the track and field qualifying trials at Foote Field.
  • OilersNation adds a writer, Zach Laing, to cover Oilers-related news.
  • If you’re looking for more reasons to worry about the Oilers next season, Sunil Agnihotri says goaltending might fit the bill.
  • Pokemon Go has already been life-changing for Linda Hoang and her husband Mike.
  • Raising Edmonton hails a new open data map of kids’ activities in Edmonton.
  • There’s still time to explore the city with the help of The Local Good’s 31 Days of YEG.



  • Ashley Janssen kicks off a three-part series on assembling a mentorship network.
  • YEGpeople visits with Ralph Young, former chancellor of the University of Alberta and former CEO of Melcor Developments.
  • Lawrence Herzog pays tribute to the disappearing corner store on Edmonton City as Museum.


  • Radical Citizen Media covers the Black Lives Matter rally in Edmonton on July 8, including MLA David Shepherd’s remarks.
  • David Climenhaga salutes NDP MLA Marie Renaud for taking on PC leadership candidate Jason Kenney over abortion rights.
  • Dave Cournoyer has thoughts on Kenney’s candidacy and the advantages he has taken by declaring his intentions so early.
  • Dave also does some mythbusting around the idea of the “Alberta Advantage.”
  • As a Jasper-born girl, I couldn’t resist Vintage Edmonton’s story about the Kennedys in Jasper in 1966 (a few years before my birth, I must add).

That’s what I picked up this week, but it’s a tiny taste of what you could find at ShareEdmonton. You can also find these picks and previous ones on my Flipboard magazine and in past roundups.

taprootThis week’s Seen and Heard in Edmonton is brought to you by Taproot Edmonton, a new member-supported home for local journalism created with the community and not just for it. Mack Male and I recorded a conversation about the project.

If you’d like to help Mack and me create a new way to sustain how-and-why journalism in our city, join Taproot today.




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