Edmonton blog roundup: March 22, 2016

Becky Schellenberg is have supper with strangers and collecting their stories. She has a sweet one from Luis, who shared his story over Mexican food. (Photo from supperswithstrangers.wordpress.com)

We begin this week with relationships, first with each other, then with our city, then with food and drink, then with art and with words. It’s all about how we get along with the people and things around us, no?

  • Becky Schellenberg has been having interesting suppers with strangers. The latest is with a biology student from China who is studying Spanish in his spare time.
  • Brandon Schatz thanks his friends and his wife, with whom he makes a funny but serious point about the kind of thing that gets him down.
  • Natasha Chiam describes what trauma actually does to you, through the lens of her reaction to her son’s critical illness.
  • Jessica Holt, now the mother of twins, apologizes to the friends who had kids before she did for not understanding the effects on one’s social life.
  • Golden Bears hockey player Brett Ferguson describes his friendship with a boy in Grade 4 through the BGCBigs in-sch00l mentorship program.
  • Katie Burnett shares five creative ideas for stagettes that go way beyond a night at the bar.
  • Lori Godin has five more fun ways to spend a girls’ night in.

Where we live

Food and drink

On stage

  • Rohan Kulkarni previews The Kaufman Kabaret, a play about birth control in Canada debuting at Studio Theatre.
  • Jenna Marynowski has even more theatre news in her “Edmonton downstage” feature.
  • Sable Chan continues her choral series with an interview with the director of the Grande Prairie Boys Choir.
  • Mike Ross reviews the new documentary about the influential and maybe-only-in-Edmonton-could-this-happen group, The Smalls.

Words about words

I am taking a break from the blog roundup for a couple of weeks to catch my breath, work on my business and speak at a conference. It will be back on April 12.

You can always find more blog posts on ShareEdmonton, and you can find previous picks on  my Flipboard magazine if you like that interface. I’ll also signal things that catch my eye on Facebook and on Twitter.

meetup-logo-2xLet’s get together in real life! The next Edmonton Podcasting Meetup happens on April 9 at 1 pm at Variant Edition Comics & Culture.

My guest will be Justin Jackson, creator of the MegaMaker podcast, among many other things. We’ll be talking about serving an audience, making things and marketing things, and ways to monetize your podcast you might not have thought of. It’s free, and there will be door prizes from NeWest Press. RSVP here.


2 thoughts on “Edmonton blog roundup: March 22, 2016

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! It feels premature for me to be giving advice to anyone on how balance all the quandaries around doing a branded podcast. I know there are lots of people out there just as curious about them as I am, though.

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