Edmonton blog roundup: Sept. 7, 2015

It’s Labour Day, and the weather has thoughtfully turned drizzly and cold (at least as I write this) so we don’t feel so bad about the unofficial end of summer. I still feel a little bit bad, but I am greatly cheered up by all of the interesting things I found to read and listen to:

Glossie on edmontonspaces.com by Beverley Jackman
A detail from Beverley Jackman’s post on Glossie, one of the creative workplaces she features on her new site, Edmonton Spaces. (Photo used with permission.)
Talking and playing
  • Sunil Agnihotri’s podcast, The SuperFan, launches with thoughts on what it means to be an active fan rather than a passive one.
  • Erin E. Fraser and Matt Bowes now have an outlet for their passion for Hindi cinema with a new podcast, Bollywood is for Lovers.
  • I Don’t Get It, the podcast about contemporary dance, is back with a jam-packed episode that includes a preview of the coming season.
  • The latest Vintage Edmonton podcast features One Horse Blue, whose name you surely saw on a bar marquee if you grew up in Alberta in the late ’70s. (Comme moi.)
  • The What It Is podcast kicks off Season 4 with Dan Clarke of The Worst Podcast Ever and Joshua Lee Coss and Robyn Slack of Success 5000.
  • Salena Kitteringham explores the idea of suppressed music through a Q&A with guest artist Suzanne Snizek.
  • The beautifully shot and wonderful sounding Northern Sessions turns its attention to Justine Vandergrift.
  • Michael Senchuk has the video for Kimberley MacGregor’s single, Trouble, to be officially released Oct. 17. He also previews F&M’s video release party, coming Sept. 12.
  • Jay Runham and the Tech Geek Gamers do a criss-cross: Jay interviews them about video-game movies, and they have a wide-ranging chat with him.
Camping, cooking, community
Reading, writing, dreaming
  • Donna McKinnon interviews Sydney Smith, illustrator of the new children’s book Grant and Tillie Go Walking.
  • Laura Frey doesn’t quite know what to think about Patrick deWitt’s Undermajordomo Minor, but she likes that she’s still thinking about it.
  • Sandy VanRiper scratches her back-to-school itch with a great set of resources on learning through journaling.
  • On The Noteworthy, Tineke de Jong kicks off her new series about big dreamers with a visit with Robin Mazumder.
  • Allan Mitchell, aka Lowetide, has something to say about every player expected at Oilers training camp.
  • Glenn Kubish runs into stories wherever he goes. This one involves power tools.

OK, I know that’s a lot, but maybe you have the day off and have a little extra time. And if you need still more, check out the blogs feed at ShareEdmonton.

I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine, and I share stuff on Twitter: @seenandheardyeg and @karenunland. The Seen and Heard in Edmonton podcast has a short, sweet interlude this week.

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