Edmonton blog roundup: July 20, 2015

Wow. Two things: 1. Mack and I keep finding new blogs and putting them into ShareEdmonton; 2. A lot of bloggers are not taking it slow this summer — in fact, some seem to be blogging more. That makes for a lot of reading. Challenge accepted.

Berg + Betts
On Dress Me Dearly, Janis Galloway talks to Emily Fee and Jessie Atkins, who turn scrap leather into stylish watches at Berg + Betts. (Photo by Kassy Wills, used with permission.)
  • Emil Tiedemann interviews transgender pioneer Mickey Wilson.
  • Avry Lewis-McDougall chats with CFL podcaster Dave Dawson.
  • Shayne Woodsmith shares some moments with Mayor Don Iveson.
  • The latest episode of Adam Rozenhart’s The Expats podcast features Phil Paschke and Wade Kelly in Australia.
  • I interview Kelly McConkey, aka Rev Recluse, the amateur historian and fascinating completist behind Vintage Edmonton.
Facets of food
  • Stephen Kozma makes gorgeous sandwiches. Check out this bouquet of salad wrap.
  • Julie and John have a fish fry in their yard on Julie’s Kitchen Adventures.
  • Chris Falconer tries Soylent, the stuff that’s meant to make food obsolete.
  • Kevin Kossowan wonders why we’re often less humane about killing fish than we are about killing mammals.
On Ice (District)
  • Linda Hoang and Kira Paran got a sneak preview of Ice District, the name now attached to the area around the new downtown arena.
  • Ryan Batty is not impressed with the name or the rollout. Neither are Dan Taylor and Ben Proulx on the 30 Minute Week podcast.
  • John Richardson thinks a better name would be Iron Foot Place, after Alex Janvier’s mosaic and in honour of the Treaty 6 land where the district stands.
  • And I’m just going to leave this here.

Like I said, that is the tiniest bit of what you could find to read and listen to this week. If you want to add to the pile, ShareEdmonton lets you submit blogs.

I collect what I can in a Flipboard magazine. Ask me anything on Twitter: @seenandheardyeg or @karenunland.

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