Edmonton blog roundup: June 29, 2015

This roundup is coming to you late after a slightly overwhelming but utterly inspiring and very full week in New York. If you’ve seen traffic from NYC that you haven’t seen before in your Google analytics, maybe it was me!


A scene from my blog-hunting on ShareEdmonton while waiting at LaGuardia Airport. I paid as much attention as I could, but Internet access was a little scarce at my hotel and the airport, so I’m sure I missed some good stuff. Still and all…

Let’s start with festivals:

And what else did I find?

That’s it for now. There’s always more where that came from on ShareEdmonton. I collect my picks in a Flipboard magazine.

You can find me on Twitter @karenunland, and if you’re reading this on June 29, you can find me in real life this evening in the club at the Citadel for the Unknown Studio live show. I’m hoping to spill a bit about this project I’ve been working on in New York, so come on down if you’re curious.

UPDATE: Here’s the signup for my newsletter, so you can keep up on my new podcast about Edmonton’s bloggers and podcasters. 

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