Edmonton blog roundup: March 30, 2015

It’s Spring Break, and the weather is acting like it, too, which certainly helps the mood. I found a lot of good stuff this week, so I’m letting this run, because maybe you have a little extra time for good reading.


Michelle Peters-Jones explores what it means to grow up and how we navigate the expectations of our generations on her way to some divine-looking recipes, including one for the charmuri depicted above. (Photo from The Tiffin Box, used with permission.)

A bit of a business theme emerged from my picks this week:

  • Wanye Gretz gets into the whys and wherefores of his latest venture, a cafe/store/co-working space called Little Brick. (Learn more about the place from co-founder Nate Box’s interview on The Unknown Studio podcast.)
  • Poppy Barley is organizing a workshop for entrepreneurs and small-business owners on setting yourself up to share your product with the world.
  • Owen Brierley reveals the secret superpower that is vital to the success of visual artists and designers. 
  • Kendyl Lauzon reflects on what she’s learned from a month of freelancing.
  • Karlynn Johnston gets down to the business of writing a cookbook and how that meshes with being a blogger.

On the city-building and civic history beat:

And, somewhat miscellaneously:

  • Everything Maegan Lukian makes is beautiful, including her garburator cleaning cubes.
  • The Edible Woman turns 3, and there’s cake!
  • Sandy-Joe Karpetz pays tribute to her stylish Baba Jean.
  • Glenn Kubish remembers his time in the Knothole Gang at Clarke Stadium.
  • Sharon Yeo reviews SPUD and puts it into context of other grocery delivery services.
  • Chris Tse finds a hero at Ronald McDonald House.
  • Nikita-Kiran Singh chats with Jonathan Schaeffer, education visionary and dean of science at the University of Alberta.
  • And finally, beautifully and longingly, we are the artists, a poem by Laurie MacFayden.

You can find tons more at ShareEdmonton. You can find my picks in a Flipboard magazine, too. And I’m usually findable on Twitter @karenunland.

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