Edmonton blog roundup: Jan. 5, 2015

It’s the Janus time, when we look back and forward. There’s quite a lot of that in this week’s crop of posts as we straddle the old year and the new.

imageRandall Talbot took some lovely shots of our city on a “cold and gloriously sunny day.” Find more like the one above in his new year post. (Photo used with permission.)

So, looking back:

Looking forward:

And both:

  • Dave Cournoyer looks back at the top 10 moments in Alberta politics and looks ahead to who will lead what’s left of the Wildrose Party.
  • Nominations are open for the Yeggies — look back at 2014’s online creators and choose some to be honoured in 2015.

You can find lots of nomination-worthy blogs at ShareEdmonton

I put my picks in a Flipboard magazine for your perusal. And I’m on Twitter @karenunland.

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