Edmonton blog roundup: Dec. 8, 2014

I don’t like to think about Christmas until after the Grey Cup, at least, which makes me bah-humbuggish in some circles. There’s no avoiding it now, however, so let’s begin by giving in.

image imageChristmas is so commercial nowadays, you say? Well, Vintage Edmonton has a collection that shows it’s been like that for a century, of which these are just two examples.

  • On Transforming Edmonton, Elizabeth Walker shares an archival look at Santa Claus parades and other visits.
  • Nicole Rowan goes thrifting for Christmas.
  • This isn’t so much about Christmas as for it: Phil Wilson, aka Mr. July, draws your attention to the Sexy Men of Yeg Food calendar.
  • Also in the gift realm, maybe: Caroline Gault chats with the designers behind Berg & Betts, who upcycle Poppy Barley leather into watch straps.

OK, that’s all the holiday cheer I can handle. What else did I see?

And that brings up back to the Grey Cup, so it’s as good a time as any to stop. But you can find much, much more at ShareEdmonton.

If you like Flipboard, you can experience my picks as a magazine.

You can always find me @karenunland.

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