Edmonton blog roundup: Nov. 24, 2014

Interesting side effect of paying attention to Edmonton blogs: The more you look, the more you find. Same thing happens to when I start cleaning up messes in my house. This is way more fun. A sampling:

imageTrent Wilkie has launched a delightful new blog called The Undad, chronicling his paternity leave. It’s already on my must-read list. (Photo of Trent and his baby boy, used with permission.)

What else can I recommend?

  • Speaking of parenting, here’s a vignette from the inimitable Todd Babiak.
  • The Oilers blogs are almost too full of sadness to read, but this one from Jonathan Willis on OilersNation gets a nod for the Princess Bride reference.
  • Sarah Jackson, aka Luzzara, is working on bringing Edmonton’s many cafes together through Coffee Week.
  • The ladies at 204 Park have put together a lovely Edmonton-centric holiday gift guide
  • Lori at Frugal Edmonton Mama has 50 ideas for fun winter date nights.
  • Glenn Kubish took a walk, because he had to, and was rewarded with a beautiful sight.
  • Mack Male recaps DemoCamp Edmonton 26, a showcase for startups, this time with audio.
  • John Richardson recalls his surprisingly successful foray into artificial intelligence.
  • Janelle Aker shares a beautiful spoken-word tribute to femmes by Ivan Coyote, who was in Edmonton this week.
  • Jerry Aulenbach captures Mayor Don Iveson cutting the virtual ribbon (via Oculus Rift) at the rebranded Edmonton Digital Arts College, formerly known as Guru.
  • And Gillian Thomson visits with connector extraordinaire Chris Gusen on The Noteworthy.

Eclectic, no? You can find many more posts on many more subjects at ShareEdmonton. If you don’t see your favourites there, ask me about it at @karenunland.

I also add my picks to my Flipboard magazine, Best of the #yeg blogosphere.

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