Edmonton New Media Roundup 25

I’ve been doing this, that and the other thing, so this time around I’m heading straight into cool stuff I’ve come across in the past little while:

— It was nice to see the edmontonian’s YouTube channel come to life again with A Close Shave, a trailer for Marty Chan’s latest children’s book. I have it on good authority that that thing above Miles Cruz’s lip is not Jeff Samsonow’s real Movember moustache, although he did sprout hair for prostate cancer research, along with seemingly half of the Edmonton twitterverse.

The Charrette, the urban planning and design blog kept by Scott Lilwall, Mike Otto and a cast of perspicacious contributors, just celebrated its first birthday. I can’t overstate how much I admire this blog. It’s such a perceptive conversation about what our city looks like, or should look like, and it’s a sandbox for playing around with new storytelling techniques, such as the Austerity Bot or the masterful live-tweeting and Storifying of city council’s budget hearings. I wish you many more birthdays, fellas.

— A few blog posts emanating from the intersection of parenthood and technology caught my eye. Jen Banks has two: One offers a cautionary tale about hard lessons learned while switching web hosting for Mom Nation; the other is a provocative prediction on Tech Mommy positing that Facebook will go the way of MySpace in five years. Both are worth a read.

On the dad side of things, Francois Bourdeau launched a new blog called überdad with a post on why he wants his kids to learn to code, which in turn prompted Jay Palter to take it further on his home made dad blog. I don’t know if their kids are too old for this book, but maybe it’s a start.

— I love both opera and trains, so I was sorry to miss Mercury Opera’s performance in the Bay LRT station on Nov. 25. Luckily, Mack Male’s blog post offers the next best thing, with a lovely writeup, pictures and video. Speaking of Mack, he’s conducting a survey on the meaning of #yeg that you should fill out when you have a minute.

— While we’re handing out homework, why don’t you head on over to Mashable’s awards page and vote for Edmonton’s own Empire Avenue as best up-and-coming social media service? And have you considered applying for the Edmonton Journal’s blogger-in-residence program? And do you want to enter a contest cooked up by my students at MacEwan? And are you planning to come to MediaCamp?

— One more question: Are you following Colby Cosh on Twitter? Back in our university days, Colby and I were so far apart on the political spectrum, we could barely see each other. Now that he represents Edmonton and Alberta to the rest of Canada via Maclean’s, I still disagree with him a fair bit, but I do find him entertaining and intelligent. As this piece on the Raymond Comets shows, he writes like a dream.

— I got behind on my podcast listening, but thanks to having to clean up my house for Christmas and company, I’m all caught up. The Unknown Studio’s live interview with Joe Wos of the Toonseum, recorded at the Pure Speculation festival, is delightful listening. If you can’t get enough of The Muppets, among other movie matters, tune in to both Jay n’ J and DVD Afternoon (in which Paul Matwychuk takes a swing at The Rainbow Connection. I still like him, despite that.)

As well, Jay n’ J squeezed in a slider episode with Trent Wilkie on Metro Shorts, a series of short films at the Metro Cinema presented by Trent’s Mostly Water Theatre. He also has a cameo in A Close Shave that really did make me laugh out loud.

Well, we seem to have come full circle, so that will do for now. You’ll find more media stuff in Mastermaq’s Media Monday. Comments are welcome here, on Twitter and on Google+.

(That’s a screen capture from A Close Shave up top. Nice shooting, Sally Poulsen.)

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