The Fringe is one of the things that makes Edmonton a great place to live, and there’s plenty going on new-media-wise with the festival:

– There is, of course, #YEGprov – The Improv Show You Tweet, which will fill your Twitter stream with amusing non sequiturs and enthusiastic raves if you follow as many Edmonton theatre-goers as I do. It’s a great idea, and it seems to be successful. You can see videos and more information here.

Kory Mathewson has set up a spreadsheet aggregating the star reviews from The Journal, The Sun and Vue Weekly. It is not pretty, but it is functional, and it’s one step closer to my dream of one place where you can find everything you need to know about a show, including all of the reviews from everyone. It looks like Kory is on it, which is awesome.

– Promo videos are another way to help you decide where to spend your Fringe dollars. You can find some at theedmontonian. I have come across others for Aleugenta, When Harry Met Harry and (Real)Gone(Girl), which is embedded above and is probably the only show I’m going to make it to this year. Again, I wish for one place where all of the Fringe video is aggregated.

– There could be an app for that, but I don’t think it has been built yet. The app promoted on the Fringe site is FestFinder, and it’s pretty slick, but it doesn’t have the live, should-I-see-it-or-not kind of information that would make it even more useful. Last year’s Apps4Edmonton Fringe entries don’t look like they’ve been updated with this year’s data.

– For an aggregation of an entirely different sort, try Gig City’s meta-reviews, in which Journal and Sun reviews of hits and bombs are mashed together to somewhat amusing effect.

Got any new media musings about the Fringe? Share them below or tell me on Twitter.

Here are a few non-Fringe things I noticed:

– I highly recommend the edmontonian’s post on Edmonton music. We have so much talent here, and Jeff Samsonow and Sally Poulsen do a great service by putting quite a bit of it in one place.

– Mack Male’s post on homicide statistics is essential reading. As I have said before, he’s doing a great job of adding much-needed perspective to this emotional issue.

– The Unknown Studio podcast will be back soon, which is good for two reasons:

1. I like it;
2. I want to write about podcasts next week.

If you listen to or create an Edmonton podcast, tell me about it in the comments or on Twitter or on Google+ (which, incidentally, I haven’t fully figured out yet, so if you’re wondering if I’m ever going to circle you, the answer is probably yes, eventually).

(Addendum: I see Jay n’ J, the movie guys, have a new podcast up. I’ll write about it next week.)

Doug Stewart organized a Tumblr meetup last week, which I missed, but I love the idea, and I hope he does it again.

For more media news, check out Mack’s roundup.

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