Edmonton New Media Roundup 7

Whenever I feel like having happy thoughts about the future of journalism, I think about Linda Hoang. She’s an excellent Edmonton example of what Jay Rosen calls “smart young newsies” – digital natives who are passionate about journalism and aren’t afraid to try new ways of doing it.
Global Edmonton was smart enough to snap her up after she distinguished herself at MacEwan, at NAIT and in Queensland’s Best Job in the World competition. But her current gig as a news producer and video editor hasn’t stopped her from experimenting with new media.
Her Clicks of the Day reveal a voracious media appetite, as well as an understanding of the Internet’s love for cat photos. What prompts this post, however, is her Feature Stories. She’s done three so far, each involving original reporting, each written in a professionally newsy way, and each augmented by new tools now at a journalist’s disposal: Storify, Dipity, embedded audio, whatever makes sense to tell the story. She’s teaching herself before our very eyes. It’s inspiring.

She does this in her spare time, for free. Folly? Hardly. Instead of waiting for someone to give her an opportunity to publish her work, she’s just doing it. That’s the attitude working journalists and aspiring journalists need today. It’s going to pay off for her, more than it already has. You’d have to be crazy not to want to import that drive, creativity and passion into your newsroom.

Enough gushing. I’ll end with a footnote: Linda’s latest feature story, about an upcoming rock ‘n’ roll reunion, reminds me of Raymond Biesinger’s amazing chronology of Edmonton bands. Those gathering at the reunion on July 9 should check out his chart.

Here are a few more new media notes:

Inglorious Hipsters, a web comic by Jeremy Die and Gregg Beever, has launched. You can hear more about it on the latest Unknown Studio podcast, which also features plenty of geeky audio from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

– While we’re talking web comics, you really must read the collected works of Mike Winters. They’re funny because they’re true. And let’s throw in a plug for Bob the Angry Flower, created by former Edmontonian Stephen Notley and always awesome.

– Two bits of news on the Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners front: Dana DiTomaso is joining Brittney Le Blanc as co-organizer, and they are looking for your feedback.

– The legislature is not in session, but Alberta’s political scene has been bubbling of late. Good thing we have Dave Cournoyer to keep us up to date.

– For more media news, check out Mack Male’s Media Mondays.
Am I missing something? Leave me a comment or get me on Twitter.

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