Edmonton New Media Roundup 4

TEDxEdmonton 2011

Much of the new media buzz this week emanated from TEDxEdmonton, a day of inspirational talks at the Citadel on June 11. I didn’t go, but I’m looking forward to watching the video. The live-stream is archived here, but the sound is kind of sketchy. Twitter was of course alive with TED talk throughout the day on Saturday. I gather from the Twitter stream that there will be a TEDxEdmonton Education in the fall of 2012, which is exciting news indeed.
A conference I did attend was meshwest in Calgary on June 8. As you can see from my summary, it was a day that offered many useful insights into entrepreneurship, communication and community. To see what it looked like, check out Mack Male’s pictures. The event is coming to Edmonton in October, and I think it has potential to be bigger and better here, partly because there’s more lead time (the Calgary conference came on the heels of the big mesh conference in Toronto) and partly because Edmonton rocks when it comes to this sort of thing. Not that I want to be tedious and old-fashioned about rivalry and such.
The Digital Alberta Awards were presented in Calgary on June 6. Four Edmonton-based companies were honoured. Owen Brierley of Guru Digital Arts College blogged about the evening with some good ideas for next year, including his desire to bring the awards to Edmonton.

Finally, on the events front, expect more awesome ideas and copious tweetage from Pecha Kucha Night  this Friday. The event is sold out, but it will be live-streamed on edmontonjournal.com.

Here are some other new media happenings from the past week:

– The fourth episode of the edmontonian presents aired on Shaw TV on Sunday night and is now available on YouTube. The theme is food, which proved to be a huge topic, as the show doubled its length to a full hour. Even the trailer is epic. I also thought it was cool that so many people took Jeff Samsonow and Sally Poulsen up on their attractive call for advertisers.

–  Speaking of food, Mack Male and Sharon Yeo announced plans for What the Truck?!, a food truck festival which will also result in multitudinous tweets and Flickr photos and yelp reviews when it happens on June 24, I’ll wager. The festival has already inspired a delicious post by Jason Konoza.

– Sharon also has a nice post on the City Market and Saturday’s Pride parade. The Pride parade brought out lots of photogs. You can see a ton of pictures on Flickr, and West Edmonton Local has a beautiful slideshow. Dave Cournoyer chronicles some of the politicos on parade. (My husband, incidentally, was responsible for a pretty funny #yegpride tweet.)

– Gaming is not my strong suit (Space Invaders, anyone?), but I love the pure, nerdy passion of the guys at User Generated Content. Their latest podcast – their 80th! – explores E3, which, I gather, is a big deal.

– And, this just in: A new podcast has launched in Edmonton: Jay n’ J., billed as Edmonton’s Entertainment Podcast. The first episode reviews Super 8 and explores movies with Gregg Beever. If you like movie talk but don’t have time for a whole podcast, Jason Konoza is promising eight-second reviews on 8 Frame Dissolve.

As always, I could go on, but that’s enough for now. You can get more on media from Mack’s Media Monday series (#9 is here, #10 coming soon is here). And that’s his TedXEdmonton picture at the top of this post.

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