I don’t know if tablets will accomplish this, but I’m for anything that stops the race to the bottom represented by slavish devotion to increasing page views. Challenge is to find different ways to make it pay.

Awesome indeed

Last week I went to a tweetup, partly to donate to the Food Bank, partly to catch up with people like Tamara, Kathleen, John, Joanna, Sandra and Sylvia, among others, and to meet new people like Chris. It was also the anniversary of my first tweetup, where I learned one of things that makes Twitter so valuable is the … More Awesome indeed

Brain Album

My son, who is almost 6, says he has in his head an album of things he likes. He goes through an imaginary questionnaire when considering whether to add something to his album. I am in the album; so is his dad. His sister goes in and out, I believe. Thomas the Tank Engine and all … More Brain Album