Awesome indeed

Last week I went to a tweetup, partly to donate to the Food Bank, partly to catch up with people like Tamara, Kathleen, John, Joanna, Sandra and Sylvia, among others, and to meet new people like Chris. It was also the anniversary of my first tweetup, where I learned one of things that makes Twitter so valuable is the “in-real-life” interactions that follow. 

Anyway, Kathleen took a picture of me donating and sent it to (run by Jeff and Sally, two more friends brought to me by the Internet), which was running a contest conceived by Paul Poulsen to raise some money for Christmas charities. And now it turns out that I won a prize, which is awfully nice. I have already received so much from being part of Edmonton’s Twitter community, so I’ll find a way to turn this into a donation to another charity, just to keep the circle of good going. Thanks to everyone involved!

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