Food trends for 2011

“We’ve seen a hint of that kind of creativity with Eva Sweet, a Belgian waffle cart that graced the downtown farmers market all summer, with long lineups proving that locals are open to mobile cuisine with a twist. Here’s hoping local entrepreneurs will tackle some more inventive street foods in the summer of 2011. Kebabs? Fresh wraps?”

Yes, I too would love to see more food trucks!

“I’ve been predicting the cupcake trend is dead for quite some time now, but nobody seems to be listening. Indeed, there are no less than eight cupcake spots either open or threatening to do so in Edmonton, which I find disheartening not only because I hate to be ignored, but because I’m worried a whole bunch of people are about to lose a lot of money.”

Edmonton is not Vancouver which is not New York. We lag the trend. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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