Anticipation. This is my boy, trying to get a butterfly to land on him. Sitting still is hard for him. Very hard. I don’t think this attempt was successful, but he did manage to get one later on in that visit to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens, during spring break.

Elizabeth admires one of the inhabitants of the Victoria Butterfly Gardens.

The dandelions at home are far beneath the snow. We’ll curse them eventually, but for now, it’s a bit of a thrill to see them here in Sidney.

Project management

I would like to pay tribute to my husband, who tried many hard things this year and accomplished them. One hard thing was running for office. Another hard thing was reclaiming our backyard. He toiled for much of August to prepare the yard for his grand vision, which he mostly kept secret. He rebuilt the fence, got … More Project management

Brain Album

My son, who is almost 6, says he has in his head an album of things he likes. He goes through an imaginary questionnaire when considering whether to add something to his album. I am in the album; so is his dad. His sister goes in and out, I believe. Thomas the Tank Engine and all … More Brain Album