mastermaq: The Charrette » News Round-up: Warm and fuzzy feelings “The Peter Hemingway pool is back open. Why are we mentioning that in our round-up? Why, it’s an excuse to post a picture of a really interesting public building. The Charrette: breaking our own poorly-defined rules since 2010.”

Edmonton storm images, compiled through Storify

Here’s my first attempt at using Storify to compile images of Edmonton’s big storm. These are images shared by users of Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. It’s a pretty easy tool (though I’m still struggling with the search), and seems like a great way to put together what our community is talking about and taking pictures of. … More Edmonton storm images, compiled through Storify

ilovecharts: United States of Google’s Autocomplete (via very small array) Tried it with Canada. Not as sporty (except for the obvious exception): British Columbia Institute of Technology Alberta Health Saskatchewan Roughriders  Manitoba Hydro Ontario government Quebec City Newfoundland news New Brunswick election Nova Scotia Power Prince Edward Island tourism Yukon Blonde Northwest Territories jobs Nunavut … More

I am especially proud that this is our 5th consecutive year on the list. In fact, out of the five years, this year was our highest ranking at number 3. Alberta Venture FAST 50 – 5 Years in a Row – – a Progressive Capitalist in Edmonton Congratulations to local software company Yardstick Software! … More