Episode 29: Lori Godin

lorigodinMeet Lori Godin, the woman behind the wildly popular blog Frugal Edmonton Mama and co-founder of two newer sites, Raising Edmonton and YEG Date Night.

Frugal Edmonton Mama started as an extreme couponing blog, but it soon evolved into a parenting site, with a mix of #realtalk and practical tips reflecting her own interests and what her readers were responding to most. She has applied those lessons to Raising Edmonton, extending the “things to do with kids” idea, and to YEG Date Night, growing out of her popular list posts on things to do with your spouse.

If you’re a longtime listener to this podcast, you’ll know that I usually ask my guests some variation on “If you could make this your day job, would you?” Lori is one of the few (so far) who actually has made this her day job. She’s done it in a very smart way, serving readers first but still fulfilling commitments to paying sponsors. If you want to hear how to do a blog you love that also makes money, you have come to the right place. Have a listen:

You can also get the podcast on SoundCloud, in iTunes, or on Stitcher.

As promised, here are Lori’s social media links:

And here are her excellent recommendations:

andreabecaThis week’s Seen and Heard in Edmonton is brought to you by Andrea Beça, a writer, filmmaker, editor and social media strategist who can help you get your message out. Andrea helped me, and you’ll hear a bit more in this episode about how Andrea can help you.

Hire Andrea at andreabeca.work.

Musical credits: Beethoven’s Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 2 No. 1, played by Daniel Veesey, from freemusicarchive.com.





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